Yoga is an overall mind, body and spirit approach to elevate one’s consciousness. It’s first and foremost a spiritual practice and that’s what attracted me. I remember when I discovered Bikram, it was just another form of Yoga but in a hot room. Then I met the teacher who changed everything for me: her classes were always very spiritual and there was always a few words, anecdotes… She used to say “you have everything you need in your life right now”. Yes we all do.

Becoming a Yoga teacher had been on my mind for 15 years but she was the one who really gave me the final push, or maybe the time was right! I am grateful to be able to pursue this dream and perhaps to inspire others to discover the spiritual practice that comes with Yoga, through my teachings.

Spreading the essence of Yoga far and wide is the aim!

Some of my classes (most…) come with a twist as I offer group Reiki at the end instead of a meditation so you benefit even more from the class!

Various group classes and workshops are also offered including Group Reiki, Group Angel Healing and Alignment, Mindfulness circle, Moon Ceremonies. Please consult The Mindful Wigwam timetable & price list for more information.