“Sonia, thank goodness she exists”

“You saved me, I can never express how grateful I am”

“You moved mountains for me in a matter of weeks”

“I feel better for the first time after 2 years of depression”

“It’s like my senses are working for the first time, I never knew a life without anxiety and depression and it’s like waking up after a long deep sleep”

“You gave me a new lease of life”

“You are an angel”

I was feeling quite unhappy with a particular area of my life and was unable to express my unhappiness. I’m not sure what Sonia did but she released something in me which allowed me to finally be able to express my thoughts and start to work through a situation which has been weighing me down for a very long time. My voice just had to be spoken… I had no way of keeping my thoughts in….they were coming out whether I liked it or not! It was a truly positive thing to happen for me. Sonia also helped me to gain closure on my father passing. She brought me positivity and peace and I just can’t wait for more experiences with her )).


Working with Sonia was a beautiful experience. It changed my life for the better. I was able to let go and work through some issues that had been holding me back and stuck for a while. With her help I was able to let go of certain thoughts that weren’t serving me anymore. I was able to forgive, let go and heal. Her work is magical and she has a unique gift to heal! Thank you for your help Sonia, you are a beautiful soul and I’m glad we crossed path. xoxo


Sonia has changed my life with the sessions she has done on me. I have lived with several health issues. First of all I have Cerebral Palsy which I was born with. This caused my feet to turn inward making me walk “pigeon toed.” At 3 years old I had to have a heal cord extension surgery to release the tendons in the back of both legs because I was stuck walking on my tip toes like a ballerina. This corrected my feet until 2006 when I broke two small bones in my right foot. Then I broke the same bones again the next year. I began noticing a bump on the outside of my right foot. I went to my doctor who sent me to an orthopedic specialist. I was then sent to a podiatrist. Nobody could tell me what was going on. The bump kept getting larger and then my right foot began to twist the wrong direction at my ankle. Next thing I know my foot began slowly lifting back up until once again I was walking tip toed like a ballerina. Only this time every single step I took sent a shocking sharp nasty pain up my entire leg. That began in 2010. It became so severe that I had to have a specialized boot called an AFO made for my foot. However, the AFO was not made correctly and it only caused more damage.
So I have fought and fought for re-corrective surgery for YEARS! Finally this last February (2018) my doctor came to me and said “I have put appeal after appeal in and your insurance keeps denying it, I don’t know what else to do.” So then she sent me to another podiatrist. Who said “look even with corrective surgery you can still loose your foot. If I was in your position I would consider amputation.” Back to my Dr I went and had her tell me the same thing. I was getting ready to have my dr schedule it when one of my friends said please don’t do anything like amputation just yet. I began looking into a more holistic spiritual path. Another friend of mine told me to get on a spiritual development FB pg and write down everything I needed help with and see if anyone would be willing to help. That’s where I met Sonia. She told me that she wasn’t sure if she could fix my foot but she said she could help me with the pain that I was having. I was dealing with several other issues and she was more optimistic about helping with those. Such as pre-diabetes, a total knee replacement (due to the way I had to walk, the dr said that it put a lot of extra pressure on it) I had a thyroid condition, and then I had constant chronic pain in my back due to a near fatal car accident that broke my back, I also had ulcerative colitis. Sonia was very good at explaining what it was that she did. She made me feel comfortable and very ready to have my session done. So from there we set up two sessions. One may 20th and the second June 5th. I had my first session in which I loved very much. It was so amazing to get that bad energy out of my body. When I woke up on May 22st, 2018 I felt that there was a slight change in my foot. I even told my mom but she couldn’t tell. So I thought maybe I just wanted it so bad that I made myself believe it. By May 24th 2018 the heal of my foot was touching the ground. By May 27th 2018 I had to go down and by the first pair of shoes I had bought since 2010. I then had a full CBC blood panel and everything is normal. My blood sugar was down at a 5.4 where before (when I was pre-diabetic) it was a 6.1. My thyroid condition is now undetected. I also notice that I’m not craving the sugary,salty and fatty foods that I was before my session.
I had a lot of emotional and physical trauma to. I lost several close family members starting in 2007. I lost my beloved Grandma first, then I lost my 6 year old niece to brain cancer. After that in 2010 my husband committed suicide and 9 weeks later my sister (and mother of my 6 year old niece) was killed in a car accident, she was 7months pregnant. This caused so much grief and sadness that for 5 years I was just going through the motions of life but stopped living life. On top of all of that I was also suffering scares of abuse from childhood. Thanks to Sonia my life is coming together. I would be getting ready for amputation and instead I am enjoying my life like never before! I feel amazing!!!!���� It’s worth it! Try it out. Sonia is so humble and grateful to be able to help others with their pains and traumas! Give it a try you’ll be glad you did. Thank you so much Sonia! I have a whole new world that I didn’t have before, right at my fingertips!!!!