Holistic Energy Therapy

Taking care of oneself doesn’t mean just exercising or having a healthy diet. That’s just dealing with the body aspect of the body, mind, soul alignment.

By incorporating some form of Energy Healing, you allow yourself to release stubborn hidden blocks that can be nestled deep within yourself & are impacting your energy, and hence everything in your life.

The Energy Therapy provided at The Mindful Wigwam activates your healing and restores a state of energy flow, feeling balanced, confident, protected, happier, more relaxed and in the present.

It releases physical and Energetic blocks, some as deep-seated as childhood; many of which we’re not even aware of.

It reduces (in most instances it completely heals) anxiety, stress, depression, feeling of being stuck, lack of self esteem & self confidence, physical pain, trauma, grief, imbalances… the list is endless!

Everything is energy” Albert Einstein.

Physical or distance sessions offered.

In a typical session we release all blocks and realign you and your entire energetic field in your past, present and future and let go of your past.

You don’t need to tell me anything as I am intuitively guided to feel what needs to be released for you. I connect to your Energy and subconscious to facilitate your healing on deep embedded wounds, trauma & any blocks.

The 2 weeks following the first session will be a roller coaster with things coming up to be released. It will feel really good. We then do another session to settle and continue for as long as necessary. Duration of the treatment depends on your own circumstances, past, mindset and willingness.

It’s extremely powerful. People who work with me are infinitely grateful for the freedom, happiness, release and love.

 I know you would benefit so much from these amazing Healing Sessions and hope you honour me with your trust and allow me to facilitate this for you.

What is a healer?

A healer is someone who holds space for you on a really deep level so you can heal yourself. A healer is a guide to exploring your past emotional wounds to release them for good. A healer is someone who injects love and light in you for the darkness which no longer serves you to come out A healer is someone who allows you to shine and be who you were before all the stuff happened that dimmed your light A healer is guiding you to unlearn the false and make your own truth.

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