Mental Health First Aid


MHFA England Mental Health First Aid Course

After a successful sixteen years’ Corporate career, Sonia suffered a burn out linked to stress in the workplace, anxiety and later depression. She is now passionate about bringing awareness of Mental Ill Health and breaking the stigma that surrounds it mostly in Corporate Organisations. Her recovery and career are the reasons why she trained as an MHFA England Instructor to be able to deliver the full two days adult course within Companies looking to implement Mental Health First Aid.

She feels that, as a colleague and as a manager, she would have greatly benefited from such training and knowledge. From a personal perspective, had there been a MHFA in her workplaces, the early signs may have been recognised and perhaps a better support system could have been implemented. By training people to being Memtal Health First Aiders, Sonia wants to make sure that each and every employee feels safe enough within their working environment, and supported on their Mental Health and recovery journey.

We all have mental ill health at some point within our lives or are exposed to it through family and friends. The MHFA two days course is an extensive and brilliant training giving practical tools on how to recognise mental ill health both for ourselves and others and how to support the journey through recovery.

Mental Health First Aid 2 days Adult Training (MHFA England) with Sonia @TheMindfulWigwam

There are many more reasons to implement Mental Health First Aid within every Organisation.

More information can be found on the MHFAEngland website

Sonia has trained as an Instructor with MHFA England and therefore can deliver the main two days Adults course within England for any Organisation. Each participant will receive a certificate from MHFA England as a result of the 2 days training.

Prices charged are the standard recommended rates by MHFA England. Discounts are available for Charities and groups of over 10 participants.

Please contact Sonia @TheMindfulWigwam for availability and to book on 07717424624 or

Please note the official MHFA Adult 2 days course requires between 8 to 16 participants in line with MHFA guideline.