How The Mindful Wigwam happened

Sonia is an inspiration with a heart as big as her personality.

She is a Spiritual Guide, Holistic Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Mental Health First Aid Instructor and a published Author/Writer.Picture of Sonia, The Mindful Wigwam

Originally holding a Master’s degree in business, Sonia had a successful sixteen years career in corporate before a burn out which led to a complete change of life.

At the age of sixteen she dreamt of writing self-help books and being a psychological support to her fellow humans as she seemed to attract those needing love and guidance but as she started University, and a degree in psychology didn’t resonate with her, she went onto studying business.

She became passionate about Energy Healing after it got her out of depression at the age of 21 and decided to train in that field as she started her deeper spiritual journey.

It felt like a natural ability she always had to heal and guide people and provided her the outlet she had sought for so long to support others on their journey. She went onto training in various other healing technics such as Reiki, Ho’oponopono and Shamanic healing.

She travelled and lived in various countries including the Middle East where her love for Yoga was born as she discovered this other form of Healing both physical and emotional which drove her to train as a Yoga Teacher.

She has always been deeply spiritual, believing everything happens for a reason, that life is a gift we must cherish and to always look on the bright side.

A few words from Sonia…

“The Mindful Wigwam is my dedication to helping people help themselves by empowering them. 

I’ve always been devoted to helping others and making them feel happy, content, self confident.

I am a carer and that’s what I do. I genuinely care and nurture.

I discovered my abilities to connect to people when I was just a teenager.

I trained as an Energy Therapist, Reiki Master and pursued Yoga teaching in a bid to open up my knowledge of Holistic Energy Therapies and have as many as possible under my umbrella to truly be able to serve. Today I still regularly follow various courses to learn new Healing modalities. 

Through Energy Healing Sessions I show people the light at the end of the tunnel is already within and they just need the match to set that fire themselves. These sessions are highly powerful at releasing emotional blocks & trauma and as as a consequence improve overall wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional). 

The idea of combining this with Mindset Empowerment came naturally as I was coaching friends and family to uncover their own happy and recognise the magic of life by changing their way of thinking. 

I have gone through 2 depressions and 2 burnouts, known corporate world in and out after a 16 years career and I realised my learnings could help others. 

I created the Mindfulness in the Workplace service after leaving Corporate and realising it should be something we all have a knowledge of. It is proven to reduce mental health issues and improve motivation, self esteem and productivity. 

The next logical step was to train  as an Instructor for Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA), to support Organisations through training their employees and spreading the word for Mental Ill Health. I love delivering the two days course and believe everyone can benefit from the awareness that comes out  it, both from a personal stand point and a professional/managerial one.

That’s how the Mindful Wigwam was born.

I am dedicated to changing and uplifting lives, one act of love at a time.

I want to share with you the secret to living a happy life! 

Let’s get you in that epic cosmic magic Energy and make you unstoppable! “

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